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Spang Engineered Solutions offers custom inductors and transformers for a broad range of industries.

We are distinctive because of our rapid response and our technical strength with challenging designs for high power inductors. We have used our years of experience to develop innovative tools that not only allow us to design an inductor quickly, but give us the ability to identify alternative solutions for a range of cost and performance tradeoffs. These capabilities, along with a full support staff, will help to ensure that your team is able to meet your project timeline.

Spang Engineered Solutions is a part of Spang & Company, which has been a diversified manufacturer for more than 100 years. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Spang & Company is the parent corporation of Spang Power Electronics, Spang Engineered Solutions, and Magnetics.

Drawing on expertise in power systems from Spang Power Electronics, and expertise in magnetic core applications from Magnetics, Spang Engineered Solutions is able to design custom inductors and transformers for any application, including:

Renewable Energy UPS Battery Chargers Filters
Solar Inverters Automotive Power Conditioning Power Control
Welding Lighting Power Supplies Marine
Rail Systems Military Industrial Power Equipment Utility Equipment
Electric Vehicles Aerospace Motor Drives Instrumentation


Design and development is performed at the Pittsburgh location, which is also Spang corporate headquarters and the Magnetics main office. Production facilities are in both the US and China.

For United States export controlled parts, Spang Engineered Solutions has all procedures and documentation in place for rigorous DDTC-ITAR compliance.