Process Control

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Integrated system for consistent results

The Spang Engineered Solutions process control system is built on the same platform as the Magnetics process control system. This means that production of inductive components is rigorously monitored and controlled against process control limits and specification limits, in standardized fashion, on a network that is accessible at all company locations.

Since our products are custom designed, testing requirements are specifically tailored for each application. Guaranteed limits are established to lock in performance without exceeding demonstrated process capability. Specification limits are clear on each part drawing.

Design engineers are actively involved with designing the control plans, initial monitoring, and subsequent updates. Production engineers and technicians maintain ongoing process control, while QA engineers and technicians conduct independent final checks, as well as audits. Batch control is inherent in the system, as is traceability of components and raw materials.

Traceability and Documentation

The same MRP system used for process control at SES and Magnetics also supports comprensive traceability from finished goods batch numbers back to the original materials and subcomponents. As a result, a wide range of documentation is available, including custom test reports, parameter tracking, data logs for design analysis or troubleshooting, and statistical analysis.

With uniform quality assurance testing, certificates of conformance, custom documentation, and Spang to stand behind the product warranty, our customers can have confidence in the solutions we provide.