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Bridging the gap from design to production ? better and faster.

In power electronics development, the prototyping stage is a time of dilemmas. Spang Engineered Solutions knows the problems, and we have answers.

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"Getting inductors takes too long. What I need isn't off-the-shelf, but I can't wait weeks or months to try a custom part, only to wait more weeks or months if I need to adjust it."

Answer: SES has a full prototyping shop in the US, at the same location with engineering, organized for the purpose of rapid turnaround.


"I could have my prototype magnetics sooner, except the winder says they are waiting for cores."

Answer: Spang Engineered Solutions has immediate access to a wide variety of core materials via the industry leader, Magnetics division of Spang. In addition, SES can fabricate custom coilformers and other fixtures using our 3D printer or machine shop.



"I wish I could get a couple of my inductor prototypes with a slight variation, because I have an idea that I want to try out. But I worry that it may only cause confusion to ask."

  Answer: No problem. At SES you are in contact directly with the design engineers who plan and monitor the prototype builds personally. We often suggest variations as a way of making evaluation of transformer or inductor options more effective. We'll make sure that we understand what you want from the start.


"I know that my design will be challenging to make, and I fear that my proof-of-concept build will fall into a black hole."

Answer: At SES, our development facility is organized with prototype production as a main purpose. We will not be squeezing your order in around a production flow, to be worked on when there is spare time. And we understand that we are earning business together with you by responding quickly. So we'll give you a schedule and keep you updated.


"I may get prototype inductors built in the US, but the production parts built later in China won't be the same."


Answer: At SES, we do not fall into that trap. Assembly and test equipment is duplicated between the US and China. Materials are specified in the US, and we routinely ship materials in both directions. Where equivalents are used, they are controlled to be truly equivalent.


"I am required to have magnetics for production approval built in China, but I cannot get a supplier to build small quantities at the factory."


Answer: SES China manufacturing is organized for responsiveness. We can get you proper manufacturing approval samples when that's what you need.



Coupled with our design and production capabilities, prototyping with Spang Engineered Solutions can help you to navigate the dilemmas of the middle stages of development, and reach production on schedule and in spec. We are here to meet your unique needs, fast.