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High Power Inductors — and more

Three Phase High Power Inductor Choke

Our specialty is high power switching frequency inductors. This is because Spang Engineered Solutions emerged with the support of Magnetics, the leader in large premium powder cores, and Spang Power Electronics, experts in very high power custom systems.

Our design and development tools are well-suited to the challenging task of finding optimum solutions for large choke applications. Those applications are numerous and growing ? any circuit that must support high currents at relatively low voltages may need a power choke.


High Power Inductors — Commonly Seen Applications

UPS Solar Inverters
Power Conditioning Renewable Energy
Traction (Train or Railroad) Electric Vehicles
Battery Chargers Welding
Industrial Equipment Motor Drives
Micro Grid Military / Aerospace
Specialty Lighting Medical Device Power


Inductive Components

Large power chokes are not the only magnetic components we make. Others include filter and differential inductors; power transformers; pulse and current transformers; and common mode chokes. Our development and manufacturing teams are experienced in solving tough problems with a wide variety of magnetics.




Magnetic Components

Power Chokes Coupled Inductors Link Inductors
Filter Inductors Current Transformers Impedance Matching Transformers
PFC Chokes Specialty Air Coils Common Mode Chokes
Reactors Multi-Tap Devices Temperature Stabilized Inductors
Power Transformers Saturating Chokes Gate Drive Transformers
3? Chokes Differential Inductors High Current Transformers
3? Transformers High Voltage Chokes Pulse and Signal Transformers
Sensors Isolation Transformers Flyback Transformers



Finished Assemblies

Chokes and transformers do not live alone. They need to be mounted, fixtured, secured, soldered, bolted, encapsulated, or otherwise packaged within larger modules and systems. And the best way to do it is not always obvious. Spang Engineered Solutions can customize and manufacture assemblies to best meet application requirements.

Typical Assembly Options

Encapsulated for Strength Brackets and Fixtures
Thermally Conductive Potting Multi-Component Packaged Modules
PCB-Mount Silver Box
Hi-Pot Mounting Plastic Housing
Lead Free Solder Sn-Pb Solder (Military)


All Customized

Spang Engineered Solutions has no catalog. There are no off-the-shelf parts. Many other companies offer standard inductors. We are there when standard parts do not meet the need, to create the right part and deliver it quickly. 



For United States export controlled items, Spang Engineered Solutions is fully configured to comply, making your compliance tasks that much easier. Some parts are required by ITAR to be manufactured in the United States, with related controls in place, and we can do all of that. 

DDTC is Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

ITAR is International Traffic in Arms Regulations.



For parts subject to European environmental substances control, we know what to do to stay in compliance with RoHS and be fully documented for REACH. 

RoHS is Restriction on Hazardous Substances Directive.

REACH is Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.


More than Products? Solutions!

As a supplier of custom components, SES tailors the best answers for the specific problems of each project. Finding the right specialty inductor, transformer, or assembly, and then producing it the right way on the right schedule is no accident. It requires the right custom tools.


Spang Engineered Solutions has the tools: