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Spang Engineered Solutions works with you to solve even the most complex inductor problems.


Spang Engineered Solutions excels in solving challenges with new designs that have difficult-to-achieve targets, as well as improving existing designs that fall short of their targets. Our advanced design tools enable us to quickly prepare and present multiple inductor solutions with detailed output results, allowing our customers to select the best option for their system. 


By using advanced algorithms based on decades of inductor design experience, our simulation modeling software allows us to find the best options before building prototypes. With this simulation software, we can show customers the output of an inductor without the need for multiple rounds of prototype building.


With immediate access to a wide variety of core materials and 3D printing of custom bobbins, Spang Engineered Solutions is able to rapidly provide prototypes to our customers. This, along with winding in the USA and China, allows us to shorten your design cycle by reducing the time spent waiting for prototypes to be built. 


An in-house, custom-built test bed allows for immediate and rigorous testing of prototypes or customer supplied inductors at application conditions. With this unique testing tool, temperature rise, losses, inductance swing, and waveforms can be closely analyzed for a very wide range of input power levels, duty cycles, and wave shapes.


In collaboration with our other divisions, we are able to combine global manufacturing operations and supply chain management to provide custom-built inductors at the quantity our customers need, when they need it. Winding and assembly can be done in the USA or China with toroids or shapes of any size.


Our production at all locations is measured against established process control limits and product specifications, using ERP system tools that make all data accessible at all locations. Quality Assurance operates separately to verify that the products are in control and in specification. Lots of accessible data means we can generate a wide range of documentation for customers, customized as needed.


Our specialty is high current, high frequency inductors, often called large power chokes. We also offer a variety of other inductive components, such as transformers and filter inductors. And we build finished assemblies, too. All of our products are custom designed and custom built for each application. We can meet United States DDTC-ITAR requirements and European RoHS/REACH regulations.